The Airport Test is a simple but powerful exercise from Pat Flynn’s book “Let It Go”. In this exercise, you visualize where you want your life to be in exactly 5 years from now. It’s a great way to keep yourself accountable about your major goals and serve as an inspiration in your daily life.

To summarize, you choose the 4 most important areas in your life and list 8 – 12 goals in each area. The areas I choose were: Family, Professional, Finances and Health.

With that said, every single goal on this list is important and I’ll be doing everything I can to achieve every single one of them. So here we go.

Start Date: July, 2017
End Date: July, 2022


  • I never spend more than a year without seen my parents
  • I keep in touch with my best friends and make sure to visit them
  • I have a great relationship with my parents and brothers and talk to them almost every day
  • I’m in a relationship/about to take the next step with an awesome girl
  • Out of my working hours, I make sure to be 100% present be with my girlfriend, family or friends
  • We (couple) go on small holidays together, twice a year
  • I’m completely honest and real even if I am upset
  • I’ve finally got a dog


  • I’ve written my first independent book
  • I continue striving to get better
  • I’ve created about 4 successfully business (online or offline)
  • I’m seen as a reference for digital entrepreneurs
  • My schedule is super flexible
  • All my business practices are honest and ethicals
  • I continue to love what I do and keep challenging myself
  • I’ve been a speaker at a major event


  • I’m completely debt-free
  • I’ve paid, if any, my parent’s debt
  • I’ve hit the target of €30k/month
  • We (couple) never argue about money
  • We (couple) have a fund big enough for future kids
  • I donate 10% of my earnings to causes I care about, like ocean and education
  • I never spend money just because I can, but only if its necessary
  • We (couple) have an emergency fund who could support us for one year
  • I’ve paid a promise I made when I was 8 and gave a car to my mom, even as she doesn’t know how to drive 😅


  • I’m virtually stress-free and happy
  • The only meat I eat is fish, virtually a vegetarian
  • I’ve got a six-pack abs without flexing
  • I do exercises 5 days/week
  • I do meditation and yoga every day
  • I’m super energetic and active
  • I can keep up with kids
  • I’ve completed a full marathon
  • We (couple) cook most of our meals at home
  • I continue to play basketball every week and surfing whenever possible
  • We (couple) are both in great shape and active (if you know what I mean 😏)

“You don’t stop when you are tired, you stop when you are done.”
Eric Thomas