Quick post. So last month I applied for a scholarship from Google. It was about 100.000 people from all over Europe competing for one of the 5.000 places and thankfully I was one of the few selected to do the course.

The program will be focused mainly on Front-End Web Development. Which is pretty much HTML/CSS, PHP and JavaScript.

This is an amazing opportunity as lately I’ve been working more with Web Development than anything else.

The scholarship will run from late November until February, 6th. The 1.000 best students will get a scholarship to a Nanodegree programme from Audacity in Front-End Development.

To be honest I’m not targeting this Nanodegree course. Of course, I want to finish the scholarship as one of the best students but having the certificate from Google is enough from now.

I’m super busy with projects and in a few months I’ll be working on some major personal project, so I’m expecting to be very busy in the next few months.

I’ll post an upgrade from the scholarship as soon as I finish the course. There are a couple of projects that I need to build for the course so it will be good to post them here.

And if you plan on improving your CV, I would recommend checking Udacity’s website:¬†https://www.udacity.com/

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